Katy's Kreek

Served with your choice of one:

  • French fries, country potatoes, mixed salad, potato salad or a cup of soup.

Grilled “Certified Angus” Hamburger  13.50
Katy’s special extra-lean ground chuck cooked to your liking

Grilled” Certified Angus” Cheese Burger 13.95
Your choice of Jack, Cheddar or Swiss cheese.

BBQ” Certified Angus” Bacon Burger with Cheddar cheese  14.95
Certified Angus beef patty with BBQ sauce, topped with crisp bacon and melted cheddar cheese

Avocado and Jack Cheese Burger  14.95

Calamari Jack Burger  14.95
Calamari fillet, lightly breaded and grilled with Jack cheese and tartar sauce. With French fries.

Turkey Burger, grilled mushrooms and Swiss cheese  13.95

Veggie Burger  13.95


Katy's Kreek | 1680 Locust St. Walnut Creek, CA | 925-946-0949 | [email protected]