Just for kids

Cheese omelet.  Eggs and cheese combined to create an American classic  6.25

Scrambled eggs.  Classic breakfast fare serverd with bacon and potatoes  5.95

Pancakes.  Two pancakes served with syrup and sausage  5.95

Oatmeal.  The all time favorite topped with raisins, brown sugar and milk  5.50

French toast and bacon  5.95


Fresh fruit bowl  5.50

Strawberry bowl  5.95

Mixed berry bowl  6.50

Sliced bananas  3.50

Side order

Ham, bacon or sausage  4.50

Half order of bacon or sausage  2.99

One egg  2.50

Two or three eggs  4.50

Country potatoes  4.50

Beef patty 5.50

From Bakery

Cinnamon roll  4.50

Bagel with cream cheese  4.50

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